Top Three Platforms for Hosting Your Photography Work For Free

//Top Three Platforms for Hosting Your Photography Work For Free

Are you a professional photographer? If yes, one of your pains is showcasing your work online. Probably, you do not have enough revenue to acquire a website or to subscribe to paid hosting services. Now you are wondering whether you will ever benefit from your work. You are broke, yet the need for images is rising on daily bases as new websites pop up.

Maybe you attempted to promote your work through social media only to fall into the hands of jokers. Before you through a towel and give up, there are a variety of free image hosting platforms. This article presents you the top three platforms for hosting your photography work for free. Here they are:

Google photos

Apart from all things you know about Google, one of its options is offering you an opportunity to host your photos for free. As long as you have a Google account, the process of uploading your photos is simple than ABCD. Here you need to go to and log in to your account. Upon this, Google will automatically synchronize images on your device and request you to upload them.

Also, you can organize your photos in different categories of your preferences.   Another advantage is that you do not have to mind about backup as the platform does that automatically. You also get unlimited storage space for your photos.


As a photographer joining a social network that hosts people in your niche is an advantage. If you have a desire of collaborating with peers, 500Px is your place. The platform allows you to share your best photos with other photographers. However, you only have an option of embedding your images if you want to share them on another platform. The site prohibits direct link photo sharing to other areas outside it.

Regardless, you can sell or license your images for use. Hence, you have an opportunity to make some coins. Also, if you want to gain unlimited uploading of images, you can go for the premium membership which will require you an affordable subscription fee of $20 per year.


Sometimes you may need to access your photos without carrying you PC and SDs to every place you go.  In this essence, cloud image storage can be a good idea for you. True to the words, Dropbox is a cloud storage option that allows you to store various types of files photos included. The platform can offer you an opportunity to develop links which you can use to share your photos with peers. Also, you can opt for mobile apps.

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