What Are The Pros And Cons Of Free Images Use On Your Website?

//What Are The Pros And Cons Of Free Images Use On Your Website?

One requirement of having a winning blog that does not bore your audience is ensuring you embed an image in your content. However, you may not have enough capital to hire a photographer or purchase a camera. Fortunately, today some platforms and sites are giving you access to free images.  From this source, you can access all types of images you need to make your blog and social media posts attractive and wooing. Nevertheless, like any other item, these images have their benefits and shortcomings. This article provides you with a review of the pros and cons of using free photos on your blog. Here they are:


Suitable for accessing image varieties for free

Developing a gallery of blog post images is not a simple task. You have to invest in photography service provider or else purchase a camera and other image editing software to come up with unique and attractive photos and pictures. However, this may not be possible. Also, considering that people preferences change from time to time, it is hard to keep your capturing pace with them. In this essence, the free image sources are suitable as they offload you this baggage. Here, you have an opportunity to access a variety of photos which are up to date without spending a coin.

No copyright and royalty restrictions

It hurts when you are trying to put your house in order through enhancing your online marketing only to find that you need to add an extra expense to access quality images. However, free images offload you from this burden. Particularly, if you are going for the so-called public domain images, you are safe from paying hefty copyright and royalty fee. Also, you have an opportunity to use the images for whatever reason as long as it is a legal purpose.


Even with the above benefits, the free images suffer from several shortcomings. First, since they are free, it is likely that another person is using your pictures of choice. This denies you an opportunity to appear unique and standout from the crowd. Also, you may find that the images matching your niche are of low quality and do not match with the standard of your content. As such, using them may degrade the authority of your site in the virtual arena.

With this information, it is easier for you to decide whether the free images are worth it or not.


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